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Applying for a Loan

To apply for a loan, you will have to provide the lender with detailed documentation of your financial history. The lender will request a credit report from a credit agency and will verify the information provided in your loan application. Be prepared to provide:

  • Copy of Driver's Licenses for all borrowers
  • Copies of checking and savings accounts statements for the past two months
  • Evidence of any other assets such as bonds, stocks, or money saved in retirement programs (i.e. 401k or 403b program)
  • Paycheck stubs to cover the most recent 30 day period
  • W-2 withholding forms for prior 2 years
  • Income tax returns for the past two years to verify your income and proof of employment
  • Homeowner's insurance company and policy number
  • Sales contract for the purchase of a new home
  • Most recent mortgage statement for any current properties owned